Dental Care Options

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General Dentistry

We’d love to be your primary dental care provider and we promise you’ll leave with a smile!

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Services 2

Diagnostic & Preventive Dentistry

With proper diagnosis and preventive dentistry, your smile, teeth, and oral health can last a lifetime.

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Services 3

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery services include simple tooth extractions and surgical extractions, such as impacted wisdom teeth.

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Services 4

Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics

Dental speciality to restore or replace any lost or damaged teeth with care and precision.

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Services 5

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation allows patients to comfortably handle regular check ups and dental needs.

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Services 6

Aesthetic Dentistry

Expert dentistry to replicate the natural beauty and improve your smile without cosmetic dentistry.

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The All People Dentistry Approach or DIET:

  • D – Determine a person’s eligibility as a patient. We are All People Dentistry. If you are a person, then you automatically fit the criteria and are welcome at our office.

  • I – Identify any dental concerns.

  • E – Educate the patient on what needs attention and how to treat if necessary.

  • T – Take Action by making appointment to start treatment.

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Each month we talk about different topics related to oral health and the dental services we provide at All People Dentistry!

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